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C H A N G I N G   M I N D S E T

Ensuring the Future of Organizations

by Dr Victor S.L. Tan

Ceo of KL Strategic Change Consulting

"Change in the business environment is occuring at an accelerating pace. The message for companies in the twenty-first century is crystal clear: if you don't drive your business, you will be driven out of business. Responsive organisations will emerge as change winners, while reactive organisations will become change victims."



In his second book on managing strategic change, Victor Tan provides the reader with a detailed guide on how to understand, recognise, alter and manage people's mindsets so that the organisation becomes more adept at managing change in our increasingly turbulent markets:

The book explains in detail: 


  • The forces of change

  • The rationale for change

  • The obstacles to change within organizations

  • The different kinds of mindsets

  • How to change people's mindsets

  • The characteristics of change winners

  • Models to use in managing change

  • How to create a positive environment for change



Table of contents: 


About The Author 



I. Understanding Change                                     

  • The Forces Of Change

  • The Rationale For Change                                              

  • The Art Of Managing Change                                                                                             

II. The Challenge of Change

  • Missing Links in Management

  • The Seven Down Syndromes

  • Catch-22 Situations


III. Changing Mindset

  • The 4-Mindset Model

  • Mindset Shifts Required Of Asian Managers 

  • Developing Internal Consultants 


IV. Change Winners' Habits

  • Characteristics Of Change Winners

  • The Learning Organization  


V. Implementing Successful Change

  • The Strategic Change Model

  • Overcoming Catch-22 Situations 

  • Creating A Conducive Environment For Change

  • Reducing Resistance To Change 

  • Increasing One's Credibility Capital 

  • The Role Of The Board 

  • Winning The Commitment To Change 



Product Details:

Format: eBook (.pdf)

File Size: 1.06 Mb

No. Of Pages: 186 pages

Price: US $4.99


























Customer Reviews:


"Thoughful, practical and relevant for today's managers leading enterprises in transforming and competing for a future in the new millennium. Victor's book provides insights into why change happens and the challenges and market opportunities that it brings to a progressive organization. Victor shows readers how a change model can be adopted to harmonise leaders driving change and stakeholders affected by it."

-Chew Liong Kim
Chief Executive Officer, HRM Business Consulting Sdn.Bhd., Malaysia


"Victor speaks with full authority and credibility on the subject as he has assisted many Asian organisations, including Summarecon Agung, in implementing successful change. This is a landmark book that can assist managers and CEOs to change the mindsets of people in organizations. This is a very practical book and it provides proven and hands-on approaches to overcome resistance to change and win people's commitment."

-Soejipto Nagaria
President Director, PT Summarecon Agung, Indonesia


"Victor certainly provides enlightening lessons on how to unleash the people power in organizations to increase productivity. This book serves as an excellent resource for CEOs and managers who want to implement successful change."

-Tan Sri Dato' Dr Teh Hong Piow
President & Chief Executive Officer, Public Bank Berhad, Malaysia.
(The Best Managed Bank in Malaysia)


"This book addresses the fundamental need for change in people if organizations are to be innovative, productive and successful. I find the lessons of change depicted in this book most relevant for Asian organizations. I highly recommend this book for leaders who are committed to transforming their organizations to a higher level of performance."

-Nobuhiko Fujimori
President, Fujimori PlaChemical Co. Ltd.

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