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Our Story


KL Strategic Change Consulting Group (KLSCC) is a leading  professional consulting organisation specialising in developing competitive excellence for companies in the Asia Pacific region. Our aim is to help Asian organisations to develop competency, commitment and the competitive drive to enable them become leaders in the global market.


KLSCC's vision is to be THE PREMIER management consulting and training organisation in the Asia Pacific region. Our philosophy is embodied in the company's mission to help clients compete through providing world class quality consulting and organisation development services that meet the specific and unique needs of Asian companies.

We practise P.R.E.M.I.E.R, representing values of Performance, Reliability, Excellence, Multivalue, Integrity, Enthusiasm and Responsiveness with our dynamic and professional team to help clients in achieving their visions and goals. 


Dr. Victor S.L. Tan is the principal consultant and Chief Executive Officer of  KLSCC group. He holds a B.Sc (Elmira College, New York), MBA (Ohio State Univ) and Ph.D (Akamai Univ) from U.S.A. He has more than 32 years of experience in consulting, banking, strategic planning and training. He has held the position of Senior Corporate Planner of Public Bank .

As a manager with Andersen Consulting, he played  a key role in building up the Change Management practice in Kuala Lumpur. He is a powerful and dynamic speaker and has consulted for over 500 organisations in the Asia Pacific region.  He has won several public speaking championships from the Institute of Bankers Malaysia and has also won the Phi Beta Kappa Award, the highest academic honors given for overall achievement for universities in U.S.A.

As a management practitioner and international consultant, Victor has published over 500 management articles which appeared in various journals such as Business Today, The Malaysian Business, The Banker's Journal, MRCA Magazine, The New Straits Times, The Star and Inspire Magazine. He is the author of six best selling management books on change.


Dato Saharudin was the Director (R) of the Logistics Department in the Royal Malaysia Police. He has been in the police force for the past 31 years loyally serving his country. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons) from the University of Malaya. As a young graduate from Perak, Dato Saharudin joined the Royal Malaysia Police Force in 1975.

He started out as an Investigative Officer and then rose to be an Officer in Charge of Police District. After being on the field for 19 years, he was promoted to Contingent Executive Officer in 1996 and put in charge of human resource management. In this area, he excelled and made a significant impact in the organisation. He was soon promoted to the Principal Assistant Director of Management and was also in charge of human resource management.

Four years later, he climbed the ranks to be the Deputy Director of Management in the Service and Personnel department. Another year later, he made it to the top to be the Director of Logistics Department where he was involved in the process of planning, designing and monitoring the Royal Malaysian Police Development projects. He held the position for more than one year before he retired from the Royal Malaysian Police in September 2006.

 In his many years of experience in the field of Human Resources Management, he had expanded his knowledge and practice into several interesting branches which includes criminal investigations, general operations force function, public order, leadership, confrontation management, financial management, police science (diploma), project planning and management, senior police administrations and public focused police performance. With all his expereince, skill and passion in Human Resource Development, he certainly fits well into the role as the chairman of K.L. Strategic Change Consulting.

Our Chairman 


Ms Jane Bee is the Marketing Director of KLSCC.

She has more than 25 years of experience in sales and marketing and management. She has won several top sales award having pioneered in the concept of innovative marketing. She has marketed training and consulting programs to over 300 Asian organizations. She heads the ASEAN region in the marketing effort.

Her clients include American Express, Dell Asia, DHL Express, Fujimori PlaChemical Co Ltd, Japan, Ministry Of Industry and Primary Resources, Brunei, Samsung Digital, Summarecon Agung, Indonesia and Telekom Malaysia Bhd. 

During the past ten years, she contributed to the significant growth of KL Strategic Change Consulting Group through her innovative marketing skills which she has undertaken in Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

She is certified in the area of marketing and professional selling , having completed her training in this field as well as having pioneered in the area of innovative marketing. She has written many marketing articles in newspapers and journals. Her articles have appeared in the New Straits Times, Business Today, The Sun and WIM Journal, she has written on topics including Innovative Marketing, Marketing A Sellout and Marketing Seminars.

She is currently a committee member of Woman Institute Of Management. A lady with a strong mind but a soft heart, she has personally undertaken many charity works and contributed to the well being of the community. 

Ms Jane believes in continuous learning and she has constantly kept up her knowledge in her field by attending various courses and seminars.

She has personally attended the following courses and seminars:

  1. Professional Selling Skills

  2. Strategic Marketing

  3. Effective Presentation

  4. Effective Leadership Skill

  5. Creative Thinking

  6. Marketing Seminars

  7. Changing Mindsets

  8. Managing Change

  9. Strategic Thinking For Top Leaders


Our team of  consultants and trainers have  in depth consulting and training background and have extensive corporate experience of at least  more than 20 years of  corporate working experience in different companies and industries.  They are certified professional consultants and trainers having training multinational companies locally and overseas in Asia.  

A number of them have worked in Accenture ( formerly known as Andersen Consulting) and have managed international projects as well  conduct training.  Many are experts in their respective fields and have done extensive research to contribute to the growth of their body of expertise.  

In addition, perhaps the most important characteristic of our consultants and trainers is that they all possess great enthusiasm, passion, a global outlook, a sense of humor and total commitment to improve the skill set as well as the mindsets of the participants they develop.

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