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T H E   C H A N G E    W I Z A R D S 

Changing People and Transforming Organizations

by Dr Victor S.L. Tan

Ceo of KL Strategic Change Consulting

How can leaders lead change people's mindset and transform their organisations?


How can organisations develop competencies to compete?


Read this book to master the art of change and prepare your organization to excel in this increasingly competitive global environment.


Victor Tan has taken a comprehensive look at change management in all its aspects and from every standpoint - giving the reader a realistic and pratical overview. The materials is drawn from his wide experience and many years of expertise in this field as a management consultant and an internationally recognized authority on change management.

The book explains in detail: 

  • How can leaders change people's mindset and transform their organisations

  • What must leaders do to lead the change

  • How can leaders motivate people to excel

  • What must leaders do to manage people professionally?

  • How can organisations develop compentencies to compete

  • What must leaders do to encourage self development


Table of contents: 


About The Author



I. Orchestrating Change        

  • Why People Become Change-Shy 

  • Adapting to Change

  • Creating Change

  • Transforming Your Organization

  • Speed Up Your Organisation


II. Motivating People

  • The Danger of Complacency

  • Re-energize Your Organisation

  • Why Leaders Fail To Motivate People

  • A New Way To Motivate People

  • Developing A Business-Oriented Mindset

  • The Art Of Joyful Management 


III. Developing People 

  • Managing People Professionally

  • Unproductive Competencies In Organisations

  • Eliminating Unproductive Competency In Organisations

  • Succession Planning


IV. Self Development

  • Exit The Meek Managers

  • Developing The Six Senses Of Executives

  • Increasing Your Leadership IQs 

  • Leadership Blindspots

  • Personal Excellence: Achieving 10As In The Workplace



Product Details:

Format: eBook (.pdf)

File Size: 1174 Kb

No. Of Pages: 186 pages

Price: US $4.99






























Customer Reviews:


"The Change Wizards is a jewel of knowledge with proven practical ideas to lead towards positive and productive change. Truly an effective leader today has to be a change wizard."

-Tan Sri Dato' Dr Teh Hong Piow
President & Chief Executive Officer, Public Bank Berhad, Malaysia.


"The Change Wizards a remarkable book with concrete ideas and recommendations on how to go about getting people want to change."

-Datuk Hj. Abdul Rashid Bin Hj. Bolong
Timbalan Ketua Pengarah Kastam Diraja Malaysia


"Victor’s knowledge and wisdom as a change guru is most revealing as he shares his insights on how leaders can go about to change the thinking and behaviour of his  people and in the process transform the organization."

-Mr.N Fujimori
Executive Vice President Fujimori Kogyo Co Ltd Japan


'The Change Wizards is a practical book written by a practitioner who has vast experience in assisting companies to manage change."

-Mr. Kim Keun Yung
Director - Production Division Samsung Corning (M) Sdn.Bhd


" The Change Wizards is thought provoking and authentic in its approach in getting people and organizations to change..The insights provided in this book will leave readers with a solution, renewed sense of inspiration and resolve to change their organizations for a better future"

-Encik Mohd Razif Bin Mohd Yunus
Chief Executive Officer Institut Jantung Negara

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