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The key to surviving tough time

by Dr Victor S.L. Tan

Ceo of KL Strategic Change Consulting

The essential guide developing a competent and motivated workforce


Changing Your Corporate Culture provides the solutions to help organizations survive economic crisis. It is an essential tool for CEOs, managers and consultants striving to stay relevenat in the midst of intense global competition.


Victor S.L.Tan writes with authority drawn from over two decades of experience in management consulting and change management.

The book explains in detail: 


  • Recognize and respond to change


  • Change your management stlye


  • Strengthen the position of your company



Table of contents: 


About The Author



I. Changing Corporate Culture        

  • Understanding Corporate Culture 

  • Changing Your Corporate Culture to Survive

  • Assimilating the Achievement Culture

  • Implementing the Process of Corporate Culture Change

  • Changing People's Mindsets

  • Valuing the Benefits of Trust in Organizations

  • Building Trust in Organizations

  • Mastering the Lessons of Corporate Culture Change


II. Changing The Standards Of Excellence

  • Redefining Excellence

  • Creating Excellence


III. Changing Smart People

  • Eliminating Flawed Thinking 

  • Understanding the Driving Forces of Smart People

  • Managing Smart People 

  • Understanding the Ills of Leadership 


IV. Changing Corporate Strategies 

  • Assessing the Barriers to Strategic Thinking

  • The Value of Strategic Thinking

  • Developing Strategic Thinking Skills

  • Surviving the Downturn 




Product Details:

Format: eBook (.pdf)

File Size: 723 Kb

No. Of Pages: 227 pages

Price: US $4.99



























Customer Reviews:


"The corporate culture of an organization influences its capability to change, grow and renew itself for conquering new chanllenges and creating new horizons for sustainable growth and performance. Victor's ebook provides a practical approach for corporate leaders driving for a winning culture, which attracts talent and motivates creativity and agility, to compete effectively in the new economy."

-Tan Sri Dato' Dr Teh Hong Piow
President & Chief Executive Officer, Public Bank Berhad, Malaysia.


"In an increasingly changing environment, the corporate culture plays a key role in helping organisations cope woth change. This ebook captures beautifully Victor's philosophies and principles and change management, which he relates from his invaluable experience as change practitioner and consultant. It is due to his invaluable experience and contribution to more than 300 organizations, that we invited Victor Tan to initiate the corporate culture development at Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Berhad. Victor creates a positive impact not only on organizations, but also on individuals. This book is a valuable reference for influences of organisation change. Every CEO and manager should read it."

-Dato' Hj Zabir Bajuri
President, Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Ghd.


"This book is most timely, as organizations today need to develop a strong corporate culture to pull people together and enable them to adapt to the changes around. In this respect, Victor has very ably initiated the corporate culture development in Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd, which certainly is a good and positive start. Read this powerful book; it will certainly benefit you and your organization."

-Datin Paduka Juma'ah Moktar
Deputy President, Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd


"This book contains practical ideas on how an organization can go about building a corporate culture to compete in the marketplace, as well as develop a competent and motivated workforce. Victor Tan speaks with authority as he has successfully helped Wyeth (M) Sdn Bhd with corporate culture development. I fully recommend all CEOs and managers to read this book to extract the useful ideas and put them into practise in their respective organizations."

-Victor Hau
Managing Director, Wyeth (M) Sdn Bhd


"I have personally seen Victor in action while conducting programmes for clients seeking to develop their corporate culture. I find his treatment of the subject most inspirational and effective. I am impressed with his creative and methodical approach towards culture building in organizations. In this latest book, he shares his extensive experience as a consultant who has worked with over 300 Asian organizations and set many on the right path towards positive culture change. This is a powerful book whose time has come and no top management executive, who is committed to pursuing excellence, should miss reading it."

-Dr. Abdul Samad Mohamed
Immediate past President, The Chartered Institute of Transport in Malaysia / Group Managing Director, NCB Holdings Bhd

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