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The Strategic Role of Managers in Improving Productivity in Organizations

by Dr Victor S.L. Tan

Ceo of KL Strategic Change Consulting

The greatest waste in human resource is the trapped minds in organisations. A trapped mind is unable to adapt, change and grow. It stifles the capability and resourcefulness of a person. It is neither imaginative nor creative. It is retrogressive, not progressive. It cannot innovate and come up with new solutions. Releasing Trapped Minds is certainly imperative for leaders and executives who want their organisations to be progressive and successful. This book provides a detailed guide on how to get the best out of people and how to release trapped minds to improve the productivity and profitability of organisations.

The book explains in detail: 

  • How to open minds and win commitment


  • How to overcome adversity


  • How to create opportunities


  • How to motivate people


  • How to lead with excellence



Table of contents: 



About The Author 


I. Transforming Mindsets                                   

  • Understanding People's Mindsets 

  • Five Critical Ways To Transform Mindsets                                  

  • Opening Minds And Winning Hearts 

  • The Trapped Minds In Organisations

  • Releasing Trapped Minds For Higher Productivity 


II. Overcoming Adversity

  • Using Adversity To Advantage

  • How To Manage Adversity

  • Detecting Early Warning Signs 

  • How To Turnaround Companies

  • Effective Ways To Manage Crises


III. Managing Opportunities

  • Managing Tough Times

  • How To Create Opportunity-led Change

  • Strategies To Win Customers During Challenging Times 


IV. Motivating People And Visioning 

  • Changing The Way We Motivate People 

  • Developing Vision To Motivate People  

  • Developing Learning Organisations 


V. Leadership And Excellence

  • Transcendental Leadership

  • Lessons Of Change From Science

  • The Power Of Leadership

  • Creating Change Winner Through Leadership 


Product Details:

Format: eBook (.pdf)

File Size: 549 Kb

No. Of Pages: 227 pages

Price: US $4.99























Customer Reviews:


"… Victor's latest book is a must-read for all CEOs and managers who want to increase the performance of their organisations."

-Tan Sri Dato' Dr Teh Hong Piow
President & Chief Executive Officer, Public Bank Berhad, Malaysia.


"This is a powerful book … Read this book before it is too late."

-Mr Chew Liong Kim
Managing Partner, Arthur Anderson Business Consulting, Asean Chairman of Malaysia Bereau of Consultants


"Victor Tan has, very ably, managed to identify and integrate the crucial elements of good management that all senior managers should be acquainted with in leading their organisations".

-Dr Tarcisius Chin
CEO, Malaysian Institute of Management


"This book helps examine the key elements within you and change your mindset from being a victim to a creative force that will transform your life. It was for this reason that Mr Victor Tan was appointed as a consultant to initiate the corporate culture change programme in Sistem Transit Aliran Ringan Sdn Bhd."

-Encik Zainal Abdul Ghani 
CEO, Sistem Transit Aliran Ringan Sdn Bhd


"In my years of handling organisation transformation, I have always been fascinated by the fact that employees can unleash new strengths from within them when their minds are sufficiently tickled into positive action. Victor's book provides excellent insights into this aspect. It has valuable pointers that can help leaders get the best out of the workforce."

-Encik Abdul Samad Mohamed
President., The Chartered Institute of Transport, Malaysia, CEO, Kelang Container Terminal

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