Leading Gen Y Professionally And Productively

There is a changing workforce out that – the Gen Y which has basically stumped many Gen X and Baby boomers. The latter groups are at lost on how to lead the Gen Y.

This program is specially customized with activities to get Gen Y to achieve something inspiring and meaningful. It also gets Gen X and Baby boomers to reframe and repackage tasks and assignments in such a way they will attract Gen Y to be creative and productive.


LEADING GEN Y PROFESSIONALLY AND PRODUCTIVELY is specialized customized workshop after gaining valuable insight s from working with over hundreds of thousands of Gen Ys.

By participating in this program, Gen X and baby boomers will be able to:

  • Understand the thinking, values and behavior of Gen Y better.

  • Work productively with Gen Y by presenting tasks and assignments in an interesting and meaningful manner.

  • Develop an effective way to retain Gen Y.

  • Learn to change the mindsets of Gen Y.

  • Tap into the strengths and creativity of Gen Y.

  • Learn the new proven approach of motivating Gen Y.

  • Get Gen Y to lead change positively and productively.

Programme Outline

  • Day 1

  • Unit 1: Understanding Gen Y's

  • The Differences Between Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y.

  • How And Why Gen Ys Are So Different.

  • Gen Y’s Take On “ Work”

  • What Does Gen Y Want?

  • Some Gen Y Icons And Models To Emulate

  • Unit 2: Working Productively With Gen Y

  • Effective Communication With Gen Y.

  • Creative And Innovative Work For Gen Y.

  • The Right Leadership Style With Gen Y.

  • Crafting And Repackaging "Work" To Gen Y.

  • Getting Gen Y To Achieve Extraordinary Thing

  • Unit 3: Retaining Gen Y

  • Job Satisfaction From Gen Y’s View.

  • The Real Reasons Why Gen Ys Leave For Another Organisation.

  • The Kinds Of Leaders Gen Y Look Up To.

  • Creating The Conducive Workplace For Gen Y.

  • Handling Conflict With Gen Y Effectively.

  • Day 2

  • Unit 4: Changing Mindsets of Gen Y

  • Balancing Gen Y – Preventing Them From Going Overboard

  • Persuading Gen Y To Compromise On Win/Win Arrangement..

  • Helping And Supporting Gen Y To Change

  • Mindset Change Game.

  • Case Study: Gen Y – Transforming The Workplace And The World.

  • Unit 5: Motivating And Bringing Out The Best in Gen Y

  • Discarding The Old Motivation Theories.

  • What Motivates Gen Y.

  • What The New Gen Y Icons Say Motivating Gen Y.

  • .

  • How Google And Facebook Motivate Their People

  • Exercise: Debate On Motivation.

  • Unit 6: Getting Gen Y To Lead Change

  • Gen Y As Change Agents.

  • Empowering Gen Y To Lead Change.

  • Helping Gen Y Overcome Resistance To Change.

  • Transformation Leadership By Gen Y In Action/

  • Rewarding Gen Y For Successful Change




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