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Changing Mindset Workshop

Ability and competence in getting people to change requires a sound understanding of the mindsets and behaviour of employees. This workshop provides the most up-to-date practices and case studies of how organizations implement successful change despite the odds. It also provides lessons of the failure in changing mindsets from the Asian crisis. It is must for executives who want to develop a framework of managing people and change in a competitive environment that can sustain its continuous growth, market performance and profitability. The workshop will be specially customized to address the critical issues facing your organization.


This 2-day practical, intensive and comprehensive workshop will equip managers and executives with the necessary skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to implement change more effectively. Some of the benefits you will acquire from this workshop include:

  • Create a sense of ownership

  • Foster team work

  • Increase productivity

  • Achieve a positive and productive mindsets

  • Develope passion and motivation in thier work

  • Build better relationship with employers, employees, and customers.

  • Resolve key issues

Programme Outline

  • Day 1

  • Module 1 - Learning From The Lesson Of Change

  • Lessons of change from the Titanic

  • Defining change

  • The mistake of complacency

  • Assessing the level of complacency in your organization

  • Change winners- the winning strategies of World Class organizations

  • Module 2 - Understanding Mindsets In Your Organization

  • Understanding the mindsets of your organization’s staff

  • Applying the B.A.C.H.A mindset model in leading positive change

  • Transforming your organization’s staff through aligning thinking, feeling and action

  • Understanding the 4 types of people and reasons for non- performance

  • Game - Mind Stretching Exercise

  • Module 3 - Diagnosing Key Issues Facing Your Organizations

  • Diagnosing key issues and challenges facing your organization

  • Understanding the challenge of Catch 22 in your organization

  • Assessing the missing links in your organization

  • Creative games - The Change Paradox

  • Day 2

  • Module 4 - Developing The Framework of Managing Change

  • Overview of organization change

  • Identifying external change drivers

  • Identifying external change drivers

  • Diagnosing your organization

  • Action plans for change

  • Module 5 - Change From Within

  • Action plans for change

  • The power of positive thinking and action

  • Using value driven motivation to increase performance

  • Creating a conducive change environment

  • Debate session - Intrinsic versus Extrinsic motivation

  • Module 6 - Inculcating A Culture of Proactive Change

  • Creating a conducive change environment

  • Motivating yourself and others to achieve positive and productive change

  • Self empowerment - Taking responsibilities and taking charge

  • Developing change winner’s habits

  • Case illustration of culture change

The Changing Mindsets Manual

All course participants will receive a set of valuable workshop materials which:

  • Provides a proven approach of changing the mindsets.

  • Gives practical exercises of how to change people in organizations.

  • Eliminates blind-spots, questions assumptions, reduces complacency, eliminates unproductive habits and changes attitude.

  • Identifies key issues of organizations and provide suggested solutions


Note: This is an example only. All programmes will be specially customised to meet the unique needs of our clients





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