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Developing Change Agents

The irony of organizations today is that they lack change agents. Organizations are full of people waiting for things to happen. They avoid responsibilities. They provide excuses for their lack of performance or results. Many spent more time debating who should do what and explaining and justifying why they should not be the ones doing the things expected of them. This workshop is set up to develop change agents who will take charge and lead positive and productive change in organizations. This workshop will help organizations address the four challenges:

  • Help change agents understand what they are supposed to do

  • Equip change agents the skills and knowledge for them to lead change

  • Motivate change agents to get them charged up for successful implementation of change

  • Enable change agents to remove obstacles in the workplace and make change happen


This 2-day practical, intensive workshop will equip managers and executives with the necessary skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to become the catalysts of change in their organization. Some of the benefits the participants will acquire from this workshop include:

  • Ability to diagnose change issues and resolve them

  • Adapt in influencing people to want to change

  • Improve techniques to overcome people’s resistance to change

  • Effective change management skill to lead

  • Better interpersonal skills

  • Higher level of motivation

  • Increase in productivity

Programme Outline

  • Day 1

  • Module 1 - The Role Of Change Agents

  • Defining the Change Agent

  • The roles and responsibilities of change agents

  • The skill set and competency required of change agents

  • The challenges of the change agent

Module 2 - Change Diagnostic Skills

  • How to diagnose change issues in organization

  • Undertaking organization change climate survey

  • Assessing the symptoms and root causes of organization problems

  • Understanding the symptoms of organization time bomb

  • Exercise: Establishing a compelling rationale for change

  • Module 3 -The Art Of Managing Change

  • Understanding the change drivers in your industry.

  • The 7 steps of effective change

  • Anticipating change

  • Defining the changes required in your organization

  • How to develop change programs

  • Day 2

  • Module 4 - Building The Change Team

  • Identifying change team members

  • Developing the terms of reference for change team

  • The team change structure

  • Creating the team vision, objectives and strategies

  • Winning the commitment of teams

  • Module 5 - Overcoming Resistance To Change

  • Understanding The Root Causes Of Resistance

  • How To Sell The Change Plan in a Compelling Manner

  • Addressing The W.I.I.F.M In Change

  • Communicating The Change Vision

  • Case Study On A Successful Change Implementation In A

  • World Class Organization

  • Module 6 - How Change Agents Can Implement Succesful Change

  • Creating a conducive environment for change

  • Involve people in change

  • Follow-up and progress monitoring

  • Recognizing and Rewarding Successful Change

  • Course Evaluation

The Change Agent's Manual

All course participants will receive a set of valuable workshop materials which:

  • Provides change agent’s tool kit

  • Gives practical exercises of understanding the roles of change agents.

  • Possesses detailed strategies for change agents to overcome resistance

  • Identifies your organization’s key change issues and provide suggested solutions

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Note: This is an example only. All programmes will be specially customised to meet the unique needs of our clients





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