The Art Of Telling Stories - Winning The Marketplace And Workplace

Great leaders have the skill to capture and captivate audiences. They educate, entertain, enthrall, excite and empower people to take action to achieve company goals.

Whoever tells the best story wins. Story telling can be the competitive edge to win over businesses, customers and staff alike. Events do not make companies but stories of achievement, adversity, conflict and team-spirit do.


THE ART OF TELLING STORIES is a specialized customized workshop to help leaders share stories in such an enchanting manner that it will inspire people to take action to improve themselves and the organization

By participating in this program, leaders will be able:

  • Think with stories to get powerful message across

  • Capture relevant stories that has significant meaning and motivation

  • Choose the right story to share to get the desired impact and result

  • Craft a powerful and meaningful story effectively

  • Deliver a story powerfully to change people and the organization

  • Utilize stories as the competitive edge for companies to win over business, customers and the staff

Programme Outline

  • Day 1

  • Unit 1: Thinking In Story

  • Story Thinking - A Creative Art Of Thinking

  • What Is A Story

  • The Art Of Visualization

  • Telling Real And Fascinating Stories

  • Some Signature Stories From The Corporate

  • Unit 2: Capturing Stories From The Workplace And Market Place

  • Developing A Conducive Place To Share Stories

  • Creating The Story Board

  • Start With Catching People Doing The Right Things

  • Success Stories And Their Lessons

  • Stories Of Adversities And Its Use

  • Unit 3: Selecting Stories To Tell and Defining Its Moral

  • Tracing The Original Source Of The Story

  • Verifying Stories To Ascertain Authenticity

  • Defining The Moral Of The Story

  • The Founder’s Story

  • Case Studies: Powerful Stories That Changed The Worl

  • Day 2

  • Unit 4: Crafting Your Story

  • Writing The Opening Line Of The Story

  • Deciding On The Key Points In The Story

  • Developing A Powerful Close To A Story

  • Lessons From Best Story Tellers

  • Video: The Most Amazing Story

  • Unit 5: Delivering The Story

  • Creating The First Impression

  • The Art Of Story Telling

  • Persuading And Convincing People To Take Action

  • Eliciting The Emotions Of Audiences

  • xercise: Evaluation Of Story Telling

  • Unit 6: Using Stories As A Competitive Edge

  • Powerful Stories That Win Customers

  • Heart-Wrenching Stories That Moved People

  • Inspiring Stories That Changed People

  • Stories That Transformed Organisations

  • Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Story




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