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Developing The Learning Organisation

The ability of its people to learn and grow is the ultimate edge an organisation can have over its competitors. Many organisations have not fully utilise their key assets in human resource because they have not leverage on the new learning technologies that enable people to fully maximise their learning potential and hence produce the level of performance they require. To enable organisations to break away from the outdated, ingrained and authoritarian approach in achieving organisational results, they need to implement a new method to increase organisational performance. They can do this through developing a learning organisation that is conducive for personal growth as well as organisational growth and higher performance.


This dynamic and hands-on 2-day workshop will help top leaders and senior executives to:

  • Develop fundamental learning capabilities

  • Manage mental models to maximise performance

  • Unleash the power of team learning to achieve super results

  • Learn about creative approaches in solving problems

  • Understand the latest models on the psychology of learning

  • Leverage on IQ and EQ to increase productivity

  • Maximise your return from training and seminars

  • Utilise the learning tools to change your organisation


This 2-day practical, intensive and comprehensive workshop will enable you in:

  • Uunderstanding the learning approaches in achieving peak performance

  • Maximising your return from human resources through your investment in training

  • Manage mental models of people to achieve maximum performance

  • Unleashing the creativity power within you and your team of people in solving problems

  • Learning how to teach smart people to learn and grow

  • Utilising team learning to achieve higher productivity and improved results

Programme Outline

  • Day 1

  • Module 1: Understanding The Learning Organisation

  • Defining The Learning Organisation

  • Identifying Organisation Learning Disabilities

  • Uncovering The Laws Of The Fifth Discipline

  • Identifying Learning Practices That Retard Progress

  • Case Study: A Learning Organisation In Action

  • Module 2: Assessing Learning Abilities

  • Overview Of Learning Theories

  • The Psychology Of Learning And The Individual

  • How Super Learners Master Knowledge And Skills Faster

  • The Power Of Team Learning

  • Exercise On Capitalisng On Strengths From Within

  • Day 2

  • Module 3: Critical Power Tools For Learning Organisation

  • Utilising SMART Learning Tools

  • How To Use Creative Problem Solving Approach To Achieve Super solutions

  • Assimilating The Superlearning Approach

  • Using The Learning Curve For Peak Performance

  • Maximising Results Through IQ/EQ Leverage

  • Module 4: Developing The Learning Organisation

  • Inculcating A Culture Of Learning And Growing

  • How to Implement The Learning Organisation

  • Asian and International Case Studies of Successful Learning Organisations

  • Redefining Roles And Strategies For Leaders And Managers Of Learning Organisations

  • Transforming The Organisation

The Learning Organisation Manual

All course participants will receive a set of valuable workshop materials which:

  • Provides real case studies of learning organisations

  • Gives practical exercises of the art of the learning organisation in action

  • Provides team learning exercises to reinforce the essential lessons on learning organisation

  • Provide the critical tools to help develop a learning organisation environment

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Note: This is an example only. All programmes will be specially customised to meet the unique needs of our clients





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