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Managing Change

Ability and competence in managing change require experience, operational knowledge, people skills and sound judgement. This workshop provides the most up-to-date practices and case studies of managing change in some of the top Malaysian companies. It also provides lessons of change from those large western corporations that have failed and floundered. It is a must for managers who want to develop a flexible and competitive environment that can sustain its continuous growth, market image and profitability.


This 2-day practical, intensive and comprehensive workshop will equip managers with the necessary skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to manage change more effectively. As effective managers and leaders, some of the benefits you will acquire from this workshop include:

  • Understanding the conceptual framework of change management

  • Acquiring knowledge of the principles and practices of managing change

  • Applying tools and techniques of evaluating the need for change and the appropriate change strategies

  • Learning how to make positive change happen through people

  • Measuring and controlling the progress of changes made so as to take remedial measures, where necessary


A dynamic and hands-on 2-day workshop to help your organisation's senior managers and managers to:

  • Develop fundamental change capabilities to compete

  • Achieve the knowledge and skill sets to manage successful change at all levels

  • Understand the characteristics of the changing workforce based on survey results

  • Learn the valuable lessons of change from international and regional companies

  • Implement a proven approach of successful change in your company

Programme Outline

  • Day 1

  • Module 1: Learning From The Lessons Of Change

  • Change Victims: Lessons From Asian Organisations

  • Why Many Change Programmes Failed

  • Key Change Issues Facing Malaysian Organisations

  • Change Winners: Best-Managed Organisations

  • Case Study: Malaysian Organisations at the Crossroad

  • Module 2: Strategic Change And Tools

  • The Integrated Strategic Change Model

  • Change Management: The Critical Line People, Process Strategy and Technology

  • How to Develop Change Programmes

  • Utilising Change Management Tools

  • Monitoring Change Success

  • Module 3: Reengineering Your Organisation To Compete

  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

  • How to Implement BPR in Your Organisation

  • Asian and International Case Studies of BPR

  • Cost/Benefit Analysis of BPR

  • Utilising BPR Tools

  • Day 2

  • Module 4: Redesigning Organisations

  • Redesigning Your Company to Compete

  • Implications of Organisation Structure

  • Linking Organisation Structure to Strategy

  • The Basis for Organisation Design

  • Case Study: A Redesigned Malaysian Organisation

  • Module 5: Changing Towards Customer-Driven

  • The Customer Service Myopia

  • Linking Customer Service to Organisation Performance

  • How to Develop a Compelling Customer Service Strategy

  • How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

  • Inculcating a Customer-Orientation Culture

  • Module 6: Implementing Successful Change

  • Change: The CEO's Imperative

  • Communicating Change Effectively

  • The Role of Change Agents

  • The Role of Corporate Planners

  • Rewarding Successful Change

The Learning Organisation Manual

All course participants will receive a set of valuable workshop materials which:

  • Provides a framework for managing change

  • Gives practical exercises of real change issues in organisations

  • Provides strategic analysis of industries

  • Identifies key issues of organisations and provides suggested solutions

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Note: This is an example only. All programmes will be specially customised to meet the unique needs of our clients





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