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Train The Trainer Workshop

Effective training skill is very critical in maximising the value of training for organisation. Unless training are effective and translate into increased productivity much time, effort and money spent in workshop, seminars and conferences are wasted. Effective training requires superb mastery of the psychology of training, learning and communication. The most effective training must come with a combination of substance and style to win attention and commitment from participants.


This 3-day practical, intensive and comprehensive workshop will equip managers and executives who are involve in training with the necessary skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to win the attention and commitment of participants. It will enable a trainer to become more interesting, dramatic and substantial in his or her approach in conducting training. Some of the benefits you will acquire from this workshop include:

  • Understand the psychology of training and learning

  • Develop a dramatic approach in winning the attention of participants

  • Learn to utilise humour to break monotony and increase attentiveness

  • Acquire knowledge of the principles and practices of becoming a master trainer

  • Applying tools and techniques of evaluating training needs

  • Learning how to make positive change happen through training

  • Measuring and controlling the progress of training results

Programme Outline

  • Day 1

  • Module 1: The Psychology Of Changing

  • Lessons From Learning Organisation

  • The psychology of learning

  • Improving memory and retention in learning

  • High impact learning

  • Module 2: High Impact Training

  • Techniques of effective training

  • Training tools, games and case studies.

  • Using humour in training

  • How to use drama in keeping audience awake

  • Module 3: Key Training Issues Facing Your Organisation

  • Identifying key training issues

  • Critical challenges facing trainers

  • Training solutions for the way forward

  • Case study: Training action plan to addressed key issues

  • Day 2

  • Module 4: Models Of Training

  • The Individual training model

  • Increased effectiveness model

  • Using integrated learning approach

  • Translating learning into action

  • Case Study: Effective training in successful Asian organisation

  • Module 5: Assessing Change Drivers In Your Industry

  • Overview of organisation change

  • How to identify internal and external change drivers in your industry

  • More key issues and challenges facing your organisation

  • How to utilise training to address organisational issues

  • Module 6: Training Need Analysis

  • Understanding the 3 levels of analysis

  • Organisational Analysis

  • Determining Organisational effectiveness

  • Job data and person analysis

  • Case Study : Developing and effective training curriculum

  • Day 3

  • Module 7: Training Effectiveness Evaluation

  • Measuring Changes in knowledges

  • Levels of knowledge

  • Determining Organisational effectiveness

  • Job data and person analysis

  • Case Study : Developing and effective training curriculum

  • Module 8: Changes In Attitude And Behaviour

  • How to gauge attitude change from training

  • Ascertaining behaviour change from training

  • How to develop a vision for change

  • Building change acceptance

  • Developing change champions

  • Module 9: Implementing Successful Change In Our Organisation

  • Change: Training for results

  • The role of trainers as change agents in your organisation

  • Realigning the role of trainers to organisation needs

  • Rewarding successful change

The Master Trainer Manual

All course participants will receive a set of valuable workshop materials which:

  • Provides a wealth of training techniques, case studies and training analysis

  • Gives practical exercise of real training issues in organisations

  • Provides strategic analysis of training in organsations

  • Identifies key training issues of organisations and provides suggested solutions

Note: This is an example only. All programmes will be specially customised to meet the unique needs of our clients





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